New Study on Dyslexia!

Susan Nittrouer and Joanna H. Lowenstein have just had a new study
on dyslexia published in Research in Developmental Disabilities
Res. Dev. Disabil., 34

Exciting News!

Susan Nittrouer has recently been featured in the following
two articles on The Hearing Journal:

The Best of 2009: Cochlear Implants (June 2009)

Breaking News: Dyslexia Sheds Light on Language Difficulties in
Children with Cochlear Implants

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Susan Nittrouer is currently a professor and director of research in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at Ohio State University Medical Center. She directs two grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

The Ontogeny of Segmental Speech Organization (OSSO)
Early Development of Children with Hearing Loss (EDCHL)

Her research interests focus on:
Recent Presentations
IHCON 2012
Children with hearing aids show diminished spatial masking release
CIAP 2011
Emergent literacy skills of kindergarten children with cochlear implants
Acoustical Society, 11
Why diverse spectral structure coheres for children
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Columbus, OH 43212
Susan Nittrouer, Ph.D.
Director of Research
Curriculum Vitae
How children acquire the abilities to recognize the phonetic-level structure of their native language and to produce speech with the gestural organization typical of their native language;
What role the ability to recognize that structure plays in language processing;
What conditions of childhood support the ontogeny of these skills;
Precisely how perceptual processing of the speech signal is affected by deleterious conditions such as poverty, frequent otitis media with effusion, and sensorineural hearing loss.
This video was created during the summer of 2012. The above video reflects the combined perspective of research being conducted in our laboratory.
Adobe Reader required for all PDF documents.
CIAP 2013
Perceptual benefit of low frequency acoustic signal with electric stimulation for children and adults
CIAP 2013
Speech perception of second grade children with cochlear implants: comparison to typical children
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